DOCUMENT THE WASTE  Always require the delivery note from an Authorized Waste Manager, that is the document that  demonstrates before Government your compliance with the Environmental Laws.  WORKERS IDENTIFICATION  Do not allow anyone to enter your kitchen. The personnel who is collecting the waste must be duly  identified, uniformed and with appropriate equipment   SAFETY  What if there is an oil spill in your kitchen? Make sure your supplier is covered by a Civil Responsibility  Insurance    OIL DESTINATION  Do you want to have guarantee that your waste does not go back to food chain? Look for traceability  ISCC certificate. Your used cooking oil will be addressed uniquely to biodiesel production avoiding  CO2 emissions to the atmosphere WASTE... AND FOOD?  Used cooking oil is a waste that is not edible so it must not be delivered in the same vehicle with food  or beverage. Take care of your customers health! 
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