Resial has all permits and licenses necessary to do frying oil collection, recovery in our industrial plant  and deliver it to Biodiesel plants to be processed. Among others:  Sustainability Certificate according to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (with  registration numbers EU-ISCC-Cert-DE120- 1016004 and EU-ISCC-Cert-DE120- 2016004  Non hazardous Wastes Manager number  1282/TP/RNP/CV (transport) and  1549/A/RNP/CV (storage and recovery)  authorized by the Conselleria  d'Infraestructures, Territori i Medi Ambient  Industrial facility registered with  Environmental facility number (NIMA)  4600010935 Enrolled at Registro Administrativo  Especial de Gestores de Residuos  Urbanos de la Junta de Andalucía with  number GRU-386 to develop R3 activities  (recycling or recovery of organic  substances not used as solvent, and R13  waste storage to be submitted to one of  the operations named between R1 and  R12 of waste with LER Code 20 01 25    edible oil and fat 
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